Betting on Us

3d Bookcover_Betting on Us

Coming Winter 2018

When one looks turns to a touch…

The day Jillian Conner found her husband smearing her award-winning frosting on his mistress’s cupcakes was the day she adopted her man-free diet. Which includes, but is not limited to, the insatiable flirt who is renting the summerhouse next door. So when her too-sexy-for-words neighbor decides to take a midnight swim—in nothing but his tanned and muscled glory—Jillian tells herself there’s no harm in looking, as long as she doesn’t sample. Because this single-mom and local cupcake goddess, who just received an order for a seven-tier wedding cake, has her hands full. Another set of ovens, she needs—skinny dipping with the most notorious player in the NFL, she does not.

After a serious injury, superstar running back, Clay Easton, knows the only way he can prepare for the pre-season is absolute focus. So he trades in the noisy grind of city-life for the tranquility of nature, and rents a cabin in a sleepy community on the outskirts of Portland. All he needs is a pool, a gym, and some room to breathe. One solid month of uninterrupted rehab is the only thing standing between him and the game. Except, his distraction-free plan has one snag: the sexy single-mom next-door who watches him from her kitchen window. Before long, Clay can’t help but wonder where all that watching will lead. After all, he’s never been good with sitting on the sidelines…

"Marina Adair will steal your heart with her witty fusion of sizzle and sugar"

Skye Jordan, New York Times bestselling Author

The Eastons

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