Drive Me Mad

3d_Book Cover_Drive Me Mad

Coming Summer 2018

All is fair in love and war…

As far as Piper Lewis is concerned, happily ever after was about as realistic as finding Prince Charming riding a unicorn, but since street art doesn’t pay the bills she accepts a job as the resident photographer for Portland’s historic wedding venues. Her role as the Ansel Adams of Love is nearly cut short when she ha car troubles and her tall, dark and delicious driver-for-hire, takes one look at her mud-soaked clothes and tries to flee. Except years on the streets made Piper’s reflexes faster than his four-hundred horsepower, and with one calculated move she’s in the backseat, telling him exactly where she’ll shove his tip. Only he isn’t a driver at all, he’s the Best Man. And while he might not be a prince, he still manages to charm her into a kiss…

Josh Easton goes toe to toe with some of the toughest criminals on the streets every day. In fact, as the most respected Assistant District Attorneys in Portland, there isn’t a fight he won’t take on, which is why he’s running for District Attorney. So when the mayor promises Josh an endorsement in exchange for a small favor, he doesn’t hesitate to help with the Ladies Auxiliary League annual fundraiser. He never imagines that a bunch of silver-haired socialites could land him in hot water with the intoxicating artist whose lips made a lasting impression.

Soon the two find themselves on opposing sides of an intense game of love and war, and Josh must decide the kind of man he’s willing to become in order to win—and exactly what, or who, he is fighting for…

"Marina Adair will steal your heart with her witty fusion of sizzle and sugar"

Skye Jordan, New York Times bestselling Author

The Eastons

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