Sequoia Lake

Meet the women of Sequoia Lake, friends who learn that surviving loss and living life are two separate challenges, and that every day in their small Sierra Nevada town holds the possibility of a great new adventure—and a chance at finding a great new love. 


It Started with a Kiss

Coming January 31, 2017

As a member of the Sequoia Elite Mountain Rescue team, Tyson Donovan has made a life out of cheating death and a career out of rescuing weekend-warriors from the deadliest of terrain. The world is his home is more than just a motto, it’s what scares off women who would otherwise try to tie him down. But when his dad’s health lands the family’s adventure lodge in serious danger of going up in flames, he moves home—and quickly remembers why he left. But then he meets Avery, the irresistible new guide who makes him want to stay.

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Book #2

Coming July 11, 2017

Book #3

Coming Fall 2017