Six months later . . .

“Put your hand right there,” Josh said, and Piper’s pulse picked up.

“Here?” she asked.

“Lower,” he whispered, and she moved it lower. “Lower still,” he instructed.

And her palm slid even lower. His was on the move as well, skating down her back to rest on the lower curve. Then he pulled her flush against him—against all of him—sending little zings through her entire body.

“Here?” she whispered.

“Oh yeah, right there. Now, how about that dance, Boots?”

Before she could answer, Josh stepped right into her, and they began gliding across the floor. Around them, other couples moved to the music as the instructors passed, commenting on posture and body lines. Not that Josh needed any instruction; his lines were impeccable and his body mouthwatering.

“If I step on your feet, remember that I warned you,” she said.

“Then close your eyes and follow my lead.”

Over the past few months, Josh had done everything he could to prove to Piper that she was his number one, that she was loved. He showed her an emotion she’d never experienced before.

Adoration. Josh made her feel adored and treasured, and as if she were the most important person in his world. So she closed her eyes and let him lead her around the dance floor, twirling her and even adding a dip that made her laugh.

“What kind of dance is this?” she asked. “A waltz?”

He stopped, his hands going to her hips and holding her closer than when they’d been dancing.

“Actually, I was hoping it could be our wedding dance,” he said, and Piper’s heart leapt.

“A wedding dance?”

Our wedding dance.” He pulled something out of his pocket, and it sparkled under the lights. It was a beautiful antique ring with a deep-blue sapphire in the middle surrounded by a band of diamonds. “Piper Campagna, will you marry me?”

Piper wrapped her arms around his neck and brushed her lips against his. “Mister District Attorney Josh Easton, there is no one else in the world I’d rather be alone with.”

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