You've Got Male by Marina Adair - new release

you've got male

fake boyfriend, real big problem...

She has zero time for a relationship. A fake one will have to do—in New York Times bestselling author Marina Adair’s new romance that brings the humor and the heart…

Evie Granger’s life is one crisis away from a complete meltdown.

Between single-parenting a sixteen-going-on-forty daughter, managing a mom living her best life way out loud, caring for an ailing father, and keeping the family’s struggling coffee shop afloat, Evie hasn’t looked after herself in far too long.

So naturally her best friend chooses this moment to post a video of Evie describing the ideal man…and sends it stratospherically viral.

Now Evie’s an overnight social media sensation and every eligible (and otherwise) guy in a five-state radius is turning up with his “I’m the one” credentials. But Evie can’t bring herself to let any Prince Charming into a life that’s barely holding together. A life she doesn’t even recognize as hers.

So she strikes a bargain with her sexy—if equally overwhelmed—neighbor to convince America she’s taken. But can a faux fairytale start to feel real…or is it just as doomed from the start?

Marina Adair’s clever, uproarious story captures the utter chaos and irrepressible joy of balancing kids, parents, love, and finding a spare minute for yourself—while the whole world watches every disastrous minute.


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