Dating Tips from Elsie Dodd
Don’t wait for the net.
When it’s right, just jump.

Six months later …

Elsie stood at the bow of the boat, the breeze picking up the vintage silk of her gown as she watched the sun melt into the river, turning the sky a swirl of pink and yellow. Behind her, the wedding reception, which was small and perfect and consisted of just family, was in full swing but she wanted to take a breath to appreciate this beautiful moment.

Twenty minutes ago, she’d become Elsie Dodd-Easton and her heart couldn’t be fuller. Last week the magazine had released its new issue with her music room making the cover, and Rhett’s album was complete—and amazing.

After several missteps, Elsie had finally stepped right into the perfect life and the perfect man. And he’d embraced her fully for exactly who she was.

Rhett walked up behind her and slid his arm around her as he leaned in and kissed her neck, before resting his chin on her shoulder. “Are you thinking of jumping? I wouldn’t blame you. My family is a lot to take in all at once.”

His family had been nothing but amazing. Even before today they’d welcomed her into their pack as one of their own. His brothers became her brothers, their partners her best friends, and his mother and her new husband, Eddie, her second parents. Then there was the relationship with her own family, which was becoming stronger every day.

“I love your family.” She looked over her shoulder to meet his gaze, which was as blue as the water. “And I love you.”

“Good thing because it’s too late to back out. You already sealed the deal with a kiss.”

She turned in his arms. “Maybe we should seal it again.” And they did until they were both breathing heavy.

“Do you think anyone would notice if we disappeared below deck?” he asked against her lips.

Her knees wobbled at the thought. “I bet we could sneak away for a few minutes.”

He leaned back, a testy look on his face that made her laugh. “A few minutes? Red, I need at least an hour to show off my best moves.”

She snuggled closer. “I’ve seen your best moves and they take more than an hour.”

His hands slid to her butt, his lips to her earlobe, where he gave a soft nip. “I like where you’re going with this.”

“Well, you’d better move fast because our moms are headed this way.”

He waggled a brow. “There’s still time to jump.”

She looked into the eyes of the man she loved and said, “I’d go anywhere with you, Rhett Easton.”

Because she knew that when she fell, he’d always be there to pick her up. And she him.

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